Abhishek Kadian

I am an engineer at Facebook AI Research (FAIR).

I try to do useful things.


Facebook, Research Engineer
Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

Facebook, Software Engineering Intern
I worked in the Applied Machine Learning (AML) group on text understanding and natural language generation.

Microsoft Research, Research Fellow
I worked with the Bing team on Ads Recommendation.


Iteratively Trained World Models with Preplay
Abhishek Kadian, Joseph Chittenden-Veal, & Alex Takata

Visualizing Information Bottleneck through Variational Inference
Cipta Herwana, & Abhishek Kadian
[pdf] [poster]

An Exploration of Video Super-Resolution Methods with Neural Networks
Joseph Chittenden-Veal, Abhishek Kadian, & Alex Takata
[pdf] [poster] [AI Grant Finalist Video]

Pytorch implementation of style transfer algorithm. The implementation is also part of the official pytorch examples repository.
[fast-neural-style repo] [pytorch examples repo]

EP Tab
Chrome extension which uses beautiful nature pictures as background in new tabs.
[chrome extension] [code]

A variant of 2048 where the objective is to lose.
[game] [code]